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Winter Ball is being planned and organized, If interested in helping out, apply to our events committee and talk to TexasToaster about the event
Lots of Records were broken this past meeting, Here are the list as well as the winners:
  • Most Popular Teamspeak Moment = 54, Reward: Gift Skin, Winner: Fiddler
  • Most Attendees for a Meeting = 47, Reward: Gift Skin, Winner: Jared5254
  • Most Recruits in a two week period = 51, Reward: Gift skin, Winner: Price
EGC Tag Raffle Winner = BlueWindago, Since he was already a EGC Dedicated member, he received 10$ worth of RP
Thank you to the following Members who have Donated/subscribed to EGC:
  • Bella
  • ss3trnks2
  • Phrostyflakes
  • Jad
  • Gonce

Important Dates

Committee Meetings

Times are Posted below, Scroll down

Winter Ball

Winter Ball Speed Dating Event- (6:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Central, 9:30pm Eastern )

HC Meeting

Private Meeting for Elite Gamers Community (4pm Pacific, 8Pm Central, 9pm Eastern)

GE Meeting

General Meeting for Elite Gamers Community (6pm Pacific, 8Pm Central, 9pm Eastern)

Elite Gamers Leaders

CEO: David Brandin - IGN: EGC Deathkilla

High Council Member: Jordan Harrill - IGN: EGC Insanity

High Council Member: Kelsie Webb - IGN: EGC SweetCalidae

High Council Member: Jeremy Mobley - IGN: EGC TexasToaster

High Council Member: Drewcifer - IGN: EGC TrollSauce

TS Manager: Dariel Becker - IGN: EGC GustofWin

TS3 Admin: Teh Killer - IGN: EGC Teh Killer

TS3 Admin: EG StrikerLee IGN: EGC StrikerLee

TS3 Admin: xBellus Somnium IGN: EGC Bellitudo

Committee Meetings

Events Committee Meeting at 5pm Pacific, 8:30pm Central, 9:30pm Eastern
Recruiting Committee Meeting 4pm Pacific, 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern

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The Creed

We are Elite Gamers. Brought together by our common interest in Gaming, Friendship, and most importantly being the best at what we do. We are inside everyone, but only the few, the chosen, the elite, can be apart of us. We are one big team, but each have our own unique style and goals. We do what we Love and we Love what we do, thats what makes us Elite Gamers.