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New Calendar

We have a new tab for our Calendar which list all official dates for EGC
Lots of Records were broken this past meeting, Here is the list as well as the winners:
  • Most Popular Teamspeak Moment = 64, Reward: Gift Skin, Winner: Jared
  • Most Recruits in a two week period = 88, Reward: Gift skin, Winner: Not redeemed
Razer Mouse Pad Giveaway - Winner =Poobah

Important Information

Teamspeak3 New Address

Elite Gamers Teamspeak3 Ip:

EGC Tournament # 1: Feb 28th

Tournament Battle of Justice - Starts at 9am Pacific, 11 Central, 12 Eastern, 16 Teams Max, Will be talked about during meeting

Missed Meeting Excuse Form

Generally Staff members have Meetings every Sunday and Tuesday, if you are going to miss these, you need to fill out a missed meeting excuse form

Elite Gamers Executives

CEO: David Brandin - IGN: EGC Deathkilla

High Council Member: Jordan Harrill - IGN: EGC Insanity

High Council Member: Kelsie Webb - IGN: EGC SweetCalidae

High Council Member: Jeremy Mobley - IGN: EGC TexasToaster

High Council Member: Hakkniv - IGN: EGC Hakkniv:

EGC Subscribers

Thank you to the following Members who have Subscribed to EGC:

Bella | ss3trnks2 | Jad | Gonce | Chakras | Fidd1er | HeHateMe480 | Jingle Bam | K3YD0N | CoNFLicTeD | Ruthless | Ashe

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The Creed

We are Elite Gamers. Brought together by our common interest in Gaming, Friendship, and most importantly being the best at what we do. We are inside everyone, but only the few, the chosen, the elite, can be apart of us. We are one big team, but each have our own unique style and goals. We do what we Love and we Love what we do, thats what makes us Elite Gamers.