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New Game Bases

EGC is working on adding a WoW game base! If interested contact EGC CovertVirus
Congrats to our ARAM Madness tournament winners!

Pro Team Created

EGC has finalized most of their roster for the Girls Dig Diamonds Team. Mid: Tails66, Top: Dredge Mammus, ADC: Dropaholic, Sup: Shwevy | The team is still looking for a Jungler!!

B-Day Form

Celebrate your Birthday with EGC. Fill out this form to let us know what you like!
Records and Prizes:
  • Facebook group reached 200 members: Mystery skin raffle winner = ryguy!

Elite Gamers Executives

CEO: David Brandin - IGN: EGC Deathkilla

CO-Owner: Kelsie Webb - IGN: EGC SweetCalidae

High Council Member: Jeremy Mobley - IGN: EGC TexasToaster

High Council Member: Nicholas Munce - IGN: EGC Teh Killer:

EGC Subscribers

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The Creed

We are the Elite Gamers Community, brought together by our common interest in Gaming, Friendship, and most importantly being the best at what we do. We are one big family, with each individual having their own unique style and goals. We do what we Love and we Love what we do, that's what makes us Elite Gamers.